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Fearing Wrong – Global views on violence against children

posted by December 3rd, 2014

“Violence against children is the most pervasive, dangerous, silent horror of our time. It is shrouded in misunderstandings and misperceptions – and they’re holding back progress on this issue.” – Dr. Kirsty Nowlan, Director of Public Policy for World Vision International

World Vision and Ipsos Reid conducted research around the world to better understand public attitudes and perceptions about violence against children and how to protect them. Before conducting this study we knew surprisingly little about variations in attitudes between countries and regions and gaps in people’s understanding versus what we know from data about actual incidence of violence.

The study sought to understand the attitudes and beliefs that shape perspectives on violence against children around the world. In some cases, the attitudes and beliefs expressed in responses to the survey questions closely reflect the realities of violence committed against children. In many cases, they do not.



Building bridges, renewing hopes

posted by December 1st, 2014

Hazar, 17, is like thousands of other young people from Syria who fled the war. They all face unique challenges depending in part on the countries and cultures they have taken refuge in.

“When I first came here, I didn’t go out much. I used to be very afraid when I went to the school. I was scared the other local students would bully me or not accept me,” says Hazar.

In addition to being forced to leave behind their friends, family members and their homes, the Syrian refugees, especially children, are struggling to adapt to this sudden change.

The challenges are not only difficult for the children taking refuge; those from the host community are finding the sudden shift difficult to adapt to as well. Schools in Jordan have more and more Syrian children attending classes and Jordanian neighbourhoods are struggling to cope with the ever-increasing number of Syrian families living among them. (more…)

“Spilling the beans” – AfroPop Music Video on Healthy Eating

posted by December 1st, 2014

Rwanda’s top musicians promote beans, a nutritious food that improves children’s and women’s health! The artistes (King James, Miss Jojo, Riderman,Tom Close, and Urban Boyz) have donated their talent for a healthier Rwanda.

The song, co-produced by a World Vision partner, HarvestPlus, and the Rwanda Agriculture Board, highlights the nutritional benefits of biofortified iron beans, which contain 15% more iron and yield twice the harvest of ordinary beans.


“Despite Ebola, I’m still learning.”

posted by December 1st, 2014

12-year-old Rugiatu sits under a mango tree and waits for her school lessons to start. Today it’s maths – her favourite subject.

As the class begins, Rugi smiles and takes out her books, as the teacher says: “Good day boys and girls. How are you? Today’s lesson is on addition.”

But this is a lesson with a difference. There are no chairs, no tables, no blackboard and no other pupils.

“Ebola has made me stop going to school,” explains Rugi, who used to be in class four at a primary school in Aberdeen, Freetown in Sierra Leone. (more…)

“The moment I met President Obama” – Youth at the G20

posted by November 26th, 2014

Our friend Matt Darvas interviewed Josh Zwar, Co-Chair of Y20 (Youth 20) about their advocacy at the G20 Summit, a meeting of world leaders recently held in Australia.

From Matt – It’s not everyday you’re scrolling down your Facebook feed, only to see one of your friends chatting casually to the President of the United States, Barack Obama! Josh Zwar was at the recent G20 meetings as the Co-Chair for the Y20 and had this to say about his experience engaging Presidents and Prime Ministers as he represented youth from around the world.

So Josh, first of all, that photo of you with President Barack Obama, how did you manage that?