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Pray – Reflections from around the world

posted by February 28th, 2013


Below are some reflections on prayer from around the world.



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Learning to Pray

Mombinou Dorichamou is Assistant to the IFES Regional Secretary for Francophone Africa and lives in Benin. Recently he discovered a book on meditative prayer. He writes: ‘Prayer had become somehow a routine, a mechanical activity, a duty that I performed as a Christian. I felt the need to revolutionise the way I pray.’ We asked him to write a prayer journal as he experimented with this new form of prayer which also integrates bible reading, meditation and silence. Here are some excerpts from Mombinou’s diary, where he traces some joys and difficulties he encountered in his adventure in prayer:

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Spanish? http://ifesworld.org/article/2013/02/aprendiendo-a-orar

French? http://ifesworld.org/article/2013/02/apprendre-prier



Praying for Mission Week

Thinking of running a special outreach week? Members of UCCF Great Britain at the University of West England (UWE) believe that the foundation of such an event is prayer. In fact, they’re so convinced of the importance of prayer that they’ve started a prayer blog so people can be informed and pray before, during and after all their activities. Rachel Varley, a student at UWE, writes: ‘People from the CU [UCCF group] have found the blog a really useful way of preparing themselves, as well as communicating with others about what we’re up to and what God is up to as well!’

Read more… http://ifesworld.org/article/2013/02/praying-for-mission-week

Spanish? http://ifesworld.org/article/2013/02/orando-por-la-semana-misionera

French? http://ifesworld.org/article/2013/02/prier-pour-la-semaine-de-mission




Prayer that Fights

by Beth Eckloff-Paz serves as Co–Executive Director of InterVarsity’s Fresno Institute for Urban Leadership

For a long time I thought that the point of Lent was fasting. But once I actually began to practice fasting during Lent, I came to understand a wonderful paradox: the fasting days are actually feasting days! We fast so that we can feast on God’s banquet—his presence, his heart, his mission! A large part of partaking in the feast of the fast is prayer. Prayer allows us to just be, quiet and still. Prayer reminds us we are the Beloved. Prayer connects and refocuses our hearts on Christ—who he is, what he’s done, what he’s doing now, where he’s leading us. But prayer is meant to be more than that for Christ-followers.

Read more… http://www.intervarsity.org/blog/prayer-fights-live-life-series



The Power of “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done”

by Kai Ling Yee, World Vision Singapore

The Lord’s Prayer is indeed something very powerful. Part of the prayer is about asking God to release His power onto His earth. As a colleague shared, while we focus on God’s big redemptive plan for His people, we also cannot neglect the daily small things that God expects us to carry out. In my colleague’s words – “A small good deed is better than a big intention.” How true! It is through these small steps which can lead to big change in our lives and our community. How we act, speak and respond to daily matters are good reflections of how we are in walking with our Lord.

Read more at… http://blog.worldvisionyouth.org/2013/02/28/singapore/



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