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posted by March 1st, 2013

This week’s Live Life Challenge is based on the Lord’s Prayer. How can prayer play a part in restoring and setting our world right? More specifically, what would it look like if your community were set right? Through this lens, we challenged you to take photos of areas in your community that need to be set right, and to accompany these photos with a prayer.

Thanks so much for those who submitted photos and prayers! We have seen some bold and creative photos and prayers submitted on the website, so we wanted to share them!

Here are 5, of the many, fantastic submissions on www.worldvisionyouth.org. There is still time to submit your photo and prayers, we’d love to see more!


Praying For Urban Development- Sarah S., USA


“These are some pictures I took last year of the community in Baltimore that I will be returning to this spring break and praying for now.”



Dive To Live


“This was taken when i rode a passenger ship. A picture shows how the child is used to attract passengers from a ship to drop a penny or food for survival. Every time ship docked at the seaport, people that usually lived at the shore move closely to the ship asking the passengers to give them money (coin) and dive just to get it. This can be a reflection on how the people will do everything just to survive a day with full stomach regardless how dangerous it takes.”



Your Kingdom In São Paulo- Jessica G, Brazil


“Homeless men and women, hunger, undignified housing in favelas, historic buildings abandoned in decadence, violence, corruption, inequality: São Paulo is a huge city full of serious social, political and security issues. I’m praying this week that God may send His Kingdom over my loved town and change these issues, lightening the path of its people.”



Pray For Bible Study In Dorms- Marite F., Latvia


“I am going to pray and fast before inviting students to Seekers Bible study in my dormitories.
I know only one girl who wants to participate but I want to invite more students, including my or/and her roommates. I don’t know other students living here, so I have to be brave to invite…”



Down In The Dumps – Prayer For Self Worth In Our Young People- Delia M., Australia


“As a group we decided that an issue in our community is the lack of self-worth and identity in our young people.
Matthew 6:11 Give us today our daily bread We want the young people in our community to find self-worth in their heavenly Father so that they may know who created them and loves them individually”.



How will you pray for restoration in your community and our world?



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