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posted by March 2nd, 2013

To help demonstrate the power of giving for this week’s Live Life challenge, we have the story of Sean Quigley in Canada.

At 16-years-old, Sean Quigley created a music video of himself on drums performing his own rock version of the song “Little Drummer Boy.” The video went viral and since then Sean has gathered quite a following of fans – not just in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but around the world.

Sean is naturally gifted as a musician and loves sharing his music with others. He uses his gift to support organizations and social justice movements. When his first CD of “Little Drummer Boy” was released, Sean gave all of the profits to an organization that works to end homelessness in Winnipeg.


A year after making the “Little Drummer Boy”, Sean was invited to travel with World Vision to Georgia to see some of the communities that World Vision works with. Throughout the trip, Sean played music with youth and shared their stories through videos and songs. He used his talents to share hope and joy with follow youth in Georgia.



This song, “Our Generation”, is one Sean wrote about how this generation has theability to bring change. We hope Sean’s story and this song inspires you to think about how you can use your own gifts and talents to positively impact the lives of others.



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